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Welcome to the Organ Injury Biomarker Core (OIBC)

Many of the traditional biomarkers utilized for detection of hepatic, renal, and/or cardiac injury are suboptimal, lacking sensitivity and specificity. Newer biomarkers not only provide enhanced sensitivity and specificity for injury detection but additionally can provide insight into mechanism of injury. Incorporating novel biomarkers with traditional measurements can enhance the information you gain from your study

The OIBC at UNC is a full service core facility dedicated to providing assistance to investigators in understanding and utilizing traditional and recently discovered biomarkers of organ injury. We offer support in the areas of:

  • study design
  • biomarker quantifications
  • interpretation of results

We currently focus on liver, kidney, and cardiac injuries in clinical and nonclinical specimens; we may be able to expand our menu of assays to include other organs based on the needs of the researchers we serve.  Please contact us with any questions.